Animal Behaviourist

Passionate about raising standards and awareness in how we teach and work with animals.

Animal Behaviourist

Passionate about raising standards and awareness in how we teach and work with animals.

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About Us

I have worked with animals professionally since 1999. I started out working with cats, as a result of my husband and I owning our first cats, Cracker and Snowflake. I've since progressed to working with dogs and horses, and occasionally other species. I have a wide range of experience dealing with behaviour including, aggression, rehabilitation, life stages (youngster, teenager, adult, elderly), fearfulness, and guarding.

My career has been spent expanding my knowledge and abilities, developing and refining my approach, to specialise in cognitive awareness and the emotional mind. This has led me to the creation of free-will teaching, a concept that teaches animals to reach their full potential using their own free will. Using sound ethical principles, it is a guide to working force free and achieving remarkable success. It gives freedom for both teacher and learner to work in a way that best suits them, without having to stay within the confines of a particular method.

Some of the wonderful animals we've been owned by are Konan, a Turkish Kangal, who loved Canicross and raised money for Children in Need. A rescue cat called Brum, who needed some rehab after being beaten. Sweep, Snowdrop and Poppy, all British Shorthair cats who became stars on TV and in print. Coco, the GSD X, whose information at the rescue centre read; I don't like cats, dogs, people... She found a lifelong friend in our Great Dane, Indie, who taught her to enjoy life. We now live with Wolfie, the Irish Wolfhound, Chilli the farm cat, Poppy, Connie & Meg, our retired British Shorthair cats, and Charlie and Star, both Thoroughbred ex-racers.


I work with clients to provide a bespoke behavior and training service for horses and dogs.


I teach at workshops and present seminars and webinars to groups and charities throughout England.


I write for a number of magazines, including Kennel & Cattery Magazine and The Pet Professional Guild's Magazine; Barks from the Guild.

My first book, A tale of two horses: a passion for free will teaching published by Hubble & Hattie ( is available from major booksellers online and in store.

Ethics and code of practice

My teaching is based on each animal's right to express free will, within the bounds of safety. All my work is force free. For me this means no coercion, suppression, pain, fear, or punishment of the physical body or the emotional mind.

I will not compromise the welfare of an animal for a quick fix to a problem. I do not use aversive, negative or punishment methods. These have been proven to be less than successful and contravene standards of welfare that every animal has a right to.


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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found that Kathie's honesty and self-awareness, as well as her true love and understanding of the glorious thoroughbred, delightfully refreshing.

Sarah Fisher
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